Buying and selling wine is at the heart of your business. What if it could be easier?

Liv-ex connects you with 475 trusted merchants around the world in one place, giving you access to £70m of wine to buy or sell instantly. For 20 years, we’ve managed all transactions to ensure that you receive your wine safely and get paid on time. Growing your sales is simpler than ever.

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Give your customers more choice...more easily

Liv-ex membership gives you access to the world’s largest marketplace for fine wine. Over £39m of stock is available to buy instantly, ranging from everyday drinking wine to old, fine and rare bottles. With over 16,000 different products available from regions across the wine world, you can delight your customers with unparalleled choice.  

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The faster way to sell more wine

With 475 merchants around the globe – and their customers – searching 24/7 for your wine, Liv-ex offers the fastest and easiest way to sell. You list anonymously and when your wine is sold, we ensure quick and efficient payment. 

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Trade with confidence

Standardised contracts mean you know exactly what to expect when your wine is delivered. Our most-used contract states that wine is in perfect condition, in bond, and available within two weeks. Anything else is clearly specified, and photos are often available.  We manage the trade and ensure that buyers and sellers stay committed for your peace of mind. 

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Dedicated support

As a Liv-ex member you get your own Account Manager who’s there to help you make the most of your membership. They can help you to find the best buying and selling opportunities and guide you through our various products and services.  

Buy or sell with speed and confidence. Join the largest pool of vetted merchants worldwide.

Your trading questions answered

What does it cost to trade on Liv-ex?

A standard 2% commission applies to sales and purchases. Members trading high volumes can reduce this through one of our annual commission packages. Ask your Business Development or Account Manager for details. 

Can I sell En Primeur?

Yes – you just need to request a selling limit based on a bank guarantee or insurance bond.  

What are trading contracts?

Wine can be traded on Liv-ex under one of three contracts: SIB, SEP and Special. 

SIB contracts are for wines with no condition issues, held in bond and delivered to Liv-ex within two weeks of the trade taking place. 

Standard En Primeur (SEP) contracts are for wines that have been released for sale but are not physically available on the market. Specific delivery and payment terms apply. 

All other trades take place under a Special contract. Wines may be listed as Special for a variety of reasons. For example, the duty might be paid, there might be a condition issue, or the time frame for delivery might be a little different. Often they are in perfect condition. The reason or reasons are highlighted on the trading summary page, and photos are often available. 

I am based outside of Europe. Can I buy and sell on Liv-ex?

Yes. Liv-ex has members in over 40 countries who buy and sell on the marketplace. Our logistics network has been designed to support this. We make weekly deliveries to Hong Kong, and to Beaune in France for easy shipment to the US. 

I am a US retailer. Can I buy on Liv-ex?

Yes, but a company with an importer license will need to bring wine into the US on your behalf. Our US specialists are available to answer questions that you have on this in more detailFeel free to request a call with them.  

Who do I pay and how do I get paid?

All payments are to and from Liv-ex. When you sell, we pay you efficiently after the stock has been checked and invoiced. This makes it simple to buy and sell with the global fine wine market.  

Settlement made simple

Logistics and payment can be complicated – especially if you want to maximise sales by doing business with a large number of customers and suppliers. 

 All trade on Liv-ex is supported by a safe, easy and cost-efficient international transport network. We collect and deliver across Europe – including Beaune for easy access to the Americas – and Hong Kong at a low for a low fee with no minimum quantities. All payments and deliveries are made quickly to and from Liv-ex to keep your accounting and logistics simple and safe. 

Double your trade value

Merchants who use Liv-ex’s trading APIs typically trade 2-3 times more by value than non-automated members. Liv-ex APIs enable you to connect your system with ours. You can use them list your stock on Liv-ex automatically – straight from your own system – or offer Liv-ex stock to customers directly through your ecommerce website. 

Buy or sell with speed and confidence. Join the largest pool of vetted merchants worldwide.



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