Vintage Port continues to offer value below £500 a case

With steady price performance and critical acclaim, Vintage Port continues to offer value for less than £500 a case. 

  • The Port 50 index has risen 9% over the past year. 
  • The Taylor’s and Warre’s indices are the top-performers over the last year. 
  • There are plentiful buying opportunities for vintage Port under £500 a case. 

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A longtime fine wine staple, vintage Port has never had a large presence in the secondary market and price performance has tended to be steady, if unimpressive. The progress of the category over the last year, however, has been more positive. The Port 50, alongside the Dow’s, Graham’s, Fonseca, Taylor’s and Warre’s sub-indices, have all risen between 1% (Dow’s) and 19% (Taylor’s). 

Christmas is often Port’s time to shine and for those looking for opportunities among vintages both young and old, there is plenty on offer. 

Opportunities under £500 

Vintage Port remains undervalued despite its undoubted quality. What is striking about many Ports in the market at present is that, even those that have risen in value over the past year, many remain comfortably under £500 a case.

Warre’s 2003 for example, is still £400 per 12×75, despite its 73% rise since last September. One of its better rated older vintages, the 1994, is available for £450. 

The table above shows some of the highest rated Ports from the Port 50 index that are currently available for £500 or less. 

There are currently £200,000 of LIVE offers, across 25 producers and 20 vintages. If you can’t find what you are looking for, place a bid and the team will do their best to gather the offers.

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