Global News Wire – Can’t beat Bordeaux as pricing experts call 2019 vintage an excellent investment option

By August 7, 2020Press coverage

The report provides detailed information on the impact of various factors influencing the valuation of wine futures. On average, the lower temperatures during the summer of 2019 caused a decrease of 1% approximately for chateaus located in the Left Bank and 2% for those chateaus located in the Right Bank. Higher precipitation in the Left Bank reduces prices by approximately 2.5% but a lower precipitation in the Right Bank helps increase prices by 0.2%. The decline in the Liv-ex 100 index results in approximately another 2.3% decrease in realistic prices. The increase in Neal Martin’s and Lisa Perrotti-Brown’s overall scores leads to an average of 4.32% and 0.98% increase in prices, respectively. James Suckling’s slightly lower scores leads to a decrease of 0.42% on average in realistic prices. Find out more here.