Sourcing the best wine for your customers can be time-consuming, often requiring you to navigate a long list of suppliers, unreliable listings and tight allocations. Liv-ex makes sourcing wine simple by bringing £40m stock – all confirmed available – from 530 merchants together in one place.

Access stock instantly

Access over £50m of stock instantly

Over 16,000 wines are listed on Liv-ex. As a member, you’ll gain access stock, which ranges from fine and rare investment-grade wine to everyday drinking bottles from Bordeaux, Burgundy, California, The Rhone, Australia, Chile and more… 

All listings are confirmed available

All offers on Liv-ex are confirmed available, meaning that as soon as you make a purchase, the wine is yours. No more back and forth, or wasting time on advertised stock that has already sold. 

Know exactly what you're ordering

Know exactly what you’re ordering

Standardised contracts mean you know exactly what to expect when your wine is delivered. Our most-used contract states that wine is in perfect condition, in bond, and available within two weeks. Anything else is clearly specified, and photos are often available. 

Logistics made simple

Logsitics and payment made simple

When you source wine on the marketplace, all payments go to Liv-ex and all deliveries are arranged from the Liv-ex warehouse in London or one of our international hubs. It’s the simplest way to source from a large pool of suppliers. 

Find more wines faster and give your customers more choice

“Liv-ex is a one-stop shop. The ability to access investment-grade wines in one place saves us an enormous amount of time on cash collection and logistics”

Jamie GrahamBrunswick Fine Wines
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Receive personalised offers

Receive custom buying suggestions online and from your Account Manager who can spot opportunities on your behalf and make sure you always find the best deals. 

Increase your offering…automatically

With trading APIs, you can offer thousands of additional products to your customers without tying up any additional capital. Unlike broking lists, they are committed to your clients as soon as they place an order. 

Find more wines faster and give your customers more choice



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